Chuk Moran

Research & Design

Nextdoor Events

Beginning with a challenge to build out a new, niche system for speaking events on top fo Nextdoor's platform, we learned quickly that the network's event system needed to be changed. Users longed for human contact with neighbors, but were hardly aware that Nextdoor listed events at all; almost no one had gone to an event thorugh the system and no one was interested in hosting.

We refocused our efforts on quick-wins for events throughout the iOS app, designing a system for personal invitations, feed sorting, public guestlists, and threaded comments on event pages.

We delivered a fully animated Flinto prototype of the relevant portions of the app and recommended Nextdoor sponsor events to get the ball rolling.

  • Role: Research & Design
  • Client: School project under Susan Wolfe
  • Tools: Typeform survey, interviews, Sketch wireframes, Flinto prototype, a hundred post-it notes
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Year: 2016

Screenshots and link to Flinto prototype video
Screenshots of some improvements to the event system
Feature prioritization
Feature prioritization chart focused our redesign efforts on low hanging fruit
Survey responses to the question 'What do you use Nextdoor for?'
Word cloud shows how respondents answered the question, "What do you use Nextdoor for?"
Consolidating research into personas let us focus on passive users, who would like to meet neighbors but will only engage if there's something in it for them