About Chuk's Work

Software is a powerful force emerging in our moment of history. The way that software influences things depends on how people use it. Getting them to use it well, easily, and often is the essence of my professional work.

I've worked in startups from 10-500 people in security, edtech, regtech, and NFTs. For me, product design includes

  • research interviews
  • analyzing usage data with SQL and python
  • watching the users with Fullstory or similar
  • prototyping high fidelity mockups to catalyze conversation
  • nailing down validation and edge cases to help developers finish out features
  • commenting on Jira tickets
  • threading properly in Slack
  • herding Jira tickets
  • writing for confluence
  • writing knowledge base articles
  • designing marketing collateral
  • developing brand assets
  • making diagrams
  • preparing slides
  • keeping a clear view of the big picture and all the tiny details that might slow our path to greatness

In my free time, I make experiential art installations, do home improvement projects, and write about things.

Chuk Moran